About us

Forensiclean is a biohazard cleaning company specialising in crime and trauma scene management. Forensiclean also deals with the decontamination of premises and vehicles. We also handle bacteria, viruses and bodily fluids as well as needle search and recovery

This unique 24 hour service is staffed exclusively by former Police Officers and staff from UK Police Forces and Law Enforcement agencies.

Forensiclean recognises the importance of dealing with crime scenes and trauma incidents with the utmost professionalism from the moment of first attendance by emergency services to the moment the scene or premises is handed back to the owner or occupier.

Forensiclean is also cognisant of the need for discretion and dealing with matters in a sensitive and empathetic manner. 

Forensiclean staff have wide experience in major crime and trauma incidents and appreciate the importance of producing professional audited work in times when litigation and complaints against public authorities are commonplace. They also understand the necessity to deal with matters in a very sensitive and discreet manner taking into account the needs of victims as well as their families, friends and neighbours.

Whatever the task, Forensiclean ensure discretion, professionalism and sensitivity in every project that they work on.