Our Values

Forensiclean has developed to set out organisational values to lay out a standard of expectations in how we engage with our customers, fellow trades, our staff and the public in general.


We aim to deliver the highest possible quality of service to our clients, whilst consistently reviewing new equipment, methods and processes through which our excellent service can be further enhanced

We operate with honesty and integrity, being open and transparent in our dealings with clients and will not avoid difficult situations or make promises that cannot be delivered.

In doing so, we build our business relationship on trust.


We deliver strong team ethics, both within Forensiclean and engaging with our external partners. We will work with our partners, clients and fellow trades to deliver the best possible service, achieve objectives and meet deadlines.

We will have pride and respect in each other and encourage alternative views. We will show dignified respect to those who find themselves in difficult circumstances through criminality or a traumatic incident and ensuring that those around us act in a similar manner and challenge those who do not.


Cleaning services often have a poor reputation in terms of pay, public image and staff engagement.

Forensiclean seek to promote cleaning as a professional skilled trade. It also seeks to ensure that appropriate remuneration is given to the role performed, and that staff are treated fairly and provided with a positive environment to work within. We will regularly engage with staff, and resolve to address issues promptly, and respect and develop any ideas they may have.