The Team

Forensiclean was formed by Mike Rees and Dave Done, both former Police Officers who recognised the need for a robust and accountable process to deal with crime and trauma scenes.

Mike Rees retired as a Detective Inspector after 30 years in Wiltshire Police. He has investigated numerous serious crimes during his service and was a part of the regional SO15 Forensic Management satellite team. As well as being an SIO on many investigations, he worked on numerous high profile operations around the country including the London bombings in 2005. 

Dave Done also served in Wiltshire Police for 30 years working on many national and international investigations. He rose to the rank of Detective Sergeant and then Inspector, managing many crimes in action and co-ordinating Police resources before retiring in early 2013.

Together Mike and Dave have formed Forensiclean to provide a highly professional and accountable service to law enforcement agencies and local authorities.

Their staff are drawn from retired and serving Police Officers as well as other Police staff, all of whom are experienced in dealing with major and serious crime and many of whom are former crime scene investigators.

The Forensiclean team has over 200 years of Policing and law enforcement experience between them and have applied this experience to their processes when restoring crime and trauma scenes.